Grille Sheet Anti-Slip

         know as many names for example Chicken's foot, Duck's foot, pattern metal, and anti-slip grille. it made from finest metal or aluminum. Forge and brand with hot temperature. it will made pattern more appearance and strong. The rectangular metal grade SS400, HR1 with 4 x 8 ft and 5 x 10 ft(made to order). The rice grain metal pattern giving slip resistance. When perforated Sheet process, the thickness will be 1 - 1.5 mm.

         The Checkered Plate is great for general jobs. Widely use in car's floor or anti-slip steps.

         The metal we use are:

  • White metal sheet 
  • Black metal sheet with 1.2 mm or more
  • Aluminum 
  • Stainless 304 (2B,BA)


                      Chicken plate                                Duck plate                                   Fancy plate


                      Straight plate                          Long straight plate                          Rectangle Palte


                     Tap plate                                Suvarnabhumi plate                           Baht coins plate


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